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A key theme running through this blog over the years has been the need for peasants and freedom seekers like us to create and utilise Assets.…

9 weeks work in an hour

How to do 9 weeks work in an hour

How to do 9 weeks work in an hour sounds like a scam doesn’t it. Well it isn’t. I can show you how to get at least 9 extra working weeks in the year that can’t be used for anything but your freedom project. Better still, these 9 weeks will be at least 100% more productive than any week you spend in a job working for somone else

John's Living Mindmap

implementation 101

Yesterday we discussed how people get all smug and cosy because they think that buzzing around like a blue arsed fly (well known Scottish-ism) is a sign…



Yesterday I suggested simplicity as a means of relieving the pressure that is on your new enterprise to make money. Simplifying your life and outgoings can release a great deal…