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Yesterday we discussed how people get all smug and cosy because they think that buzzing around like a blue arsed fly (well known Scottish-ism) is a sign of success, when actually it’s just busyness with no constructive output.

Here’s a crash course on making progress:

  1. Identify a list (Mindmap) of positive things you are doing right now in your business. Positive things being things that are actually bringing in new or looking after existing customers and that are leading to cash arriving in your hand. Choose the top 3 performing POSITIVES.
  2. List out the actions you could take to DOUBLE the effect of the 3 positive things from above.
  3. Choose the 3 most likely from step 2. Define an Action to be taken, assign responsibility for this action to a named person (probably you), assign a timescale and start doing them.
  4. If you have time do steps 1-3 for NEGATIVES in your business set up. In the second step you are now looking for actions that could HALF the effect of those Negatives.

You are now working on the 6 actions that will bring the fastest and biggest benefit to your fledgling business. Implement these actions above and beyond anything else that is going on.

As soon as these projects are up and running, create a SYSTEM that makes them easily repeatable.

Once you’ve got this up and running (4-8 weeks max), go through the process again, this time review the unused items from your previous step one lists. If these are still valid (many of them will have become non-issues due to your recent work) add them to a new Mindmap and brainstorm new ideas for positives and negatives to add to this.

Repeat steps 1-4 from above.

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