I have been struggling with inertia. I have many years worth of existing projects and ideas for other projects, but on many days, I just can’t make myself work on them and I sit endlessly consuming content on the internet, checking email, reviewing share prices and drinking tea. One thing I had let slip from… Continue reading Inertia

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I’ve described before, the serendipitous wandering from point to point of interest that can be so rewarding when you have time to absorb and act upon some of what you can find online. In more recent times, unfortunately, this is less and less likely to happen due to the corporatisation of the world wide web…it… Continue reading Hyperlinks

Corona Virus makes an irrefutable case for people centred Socialism

Since this virus madness started I’ve been revisiting some of the inspirational stuff I’ve dug up and stumbled upon in the past and I’m now committing to a series of activities in the morning, which I’ve collectively called my miracle morning and which aims to boost my immune system and induce and maintain a positive… Continue reading Corona Virus makes an irrefutable case for people centred Socialism

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That feeling of Powerlessness only applies if you try to play the same game as the powerful. That’s the intention of Power. If we all felt we had it, then it wouldn’t work. It’s a bit like Poverty in that respect. If everyone was financially wealthy, then there would be no wealth. You can only… Continue reading powerless

Mara, The Evil One

Enlightenment, or simply clear vision and freedom from, or at least deep knowledge and understanding of the force of the duality in everyone of us can bring about a mind state that just can’t be bothered by anything or anyone, regardless of their deviousness and trickery. Such a person, probably a regular meditator will immediately… Continue reading Mara, The Evil One

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Hidden in plain sight

Sometimes the answers to finding freedom and the arguments for change are hidden in plain sight. The 30K job and it’s real cost to you When we say we have a 30K, 50K or 150K Job, what does that mean. Most wage slaves would jump at a 30K Job offer, but the true costs make… Continue reading Hidden in plain sight

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