That feeling of Powerlessness only applies if you try to play the same game as the powerful. That’s the intention of Power. If we all felt we had it, then it wouldn’t work.

It’s a bit like Poverty in that respect. If everyone was financially wealthy, then there would be no wealth. You can only measure financial wealth with a yard stick that compares Wealth with Poverty. If there are no poor people, then there are no wealthy people.

If you are feeling powerless, it’s probably because someone has stacked the odds against you. A common experience of this is when we get mixed up between what’s Lawful and what’s Legal.

The concept of what is Lawful is just known by everybody instinctively, it’s common and natural. Even the bad guys in the black hats know this, but they’ve chosen to confuse kindness with weakness and exploit someone else’s good nature. Lawful is defined by society as a whole and of course it changes overtime, but that change is a slow consensual process…you’re unlikely to get caught out by it.

Legal on the other hand is much less clear, intuitive or instinctive and it can change at the drop of a hat. That’s because Legal has been invented by the powerful, the wealthy. And it is being constantly re-invented and changed to allow those powerful and wealthy people to keep the upper hand.

You can tell that something is invented or corrupt by asking what happens if? over and over again until you get to the root of it. For example

Q1. What if I steal this food?

A1. We’ll take you to court for trial because that is illegal.

Q2. What if I don’t want to do that?

A2. Then we’ll raise a summons in court and you’ll be compelled to attend court to be tried.

Q3. What if I just say ignore that?

A3. We’ll send a Police car for you and make you come

Q4. What if I say I’m not coming?

A4. The Policeman will bring you by force

Q5. What if I resist his force?

A5 Then more Policemen will come and beat you up and bring you forcibly to Court to be tried!


There you go…Violence. If it ends in Violence then it’s invented to protect someone else’s interests and kind of fucked up in lot’s of ways don’t you think? This is the Legal System invented by the already powerful and continually tweaked to scare and tread on those they seek to exert that power over. They’ve created all of the rules and they’ve even created a new language so that you have no chance of navigating their system without the help of one of their Minions who speaks Legalese.

This happens because you’ve chosen to play the game of the powerful.┬áIf you are going to have any chance of losing your feeling of powerlessness, then you’ll have to stop joining in with games that are stacked against you from the outset. Just refuse to play and if that seems difficult start inventing your own game.

If you keep it lawful, you can largely ignore legal. Keep away from the games of the powerful and be free!

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