Discovering Buddhism

Interesting 13 part video series on Discovering Buddhism. There is some confusion with the numbering of these videos online. The actual film list can be found here. The final film is incomplete and the later modules have foreign subtitles. If anyone can find better versions or the mysterious Module 13 in its entirety, please let us know using the contact form.


 Module 1. Mind and its Potential:

Module 2. How to Meditate:

Module 3. Presenting the Path:

Module 4. The Spiritual Teacher:

Module 5. Death and Rebirth:

Module 6. All about Karma:

Module 7. Refuge in the 3 jewels:

Module 8. Establishing a daily practice:

Module 9. Samsara and Nirvana:

Module 10. How to develop Bodhichitta:

Module 11. Transforming Problems:

Module 12. Wisdom of Emptiness:

Module 13. Introduction to Tantra: