Books and on-line reading I have found useful and/or inspirational. Some are affiliate links, some aren’t and some of the books are free in any case. The ones near the top are recent reads.

Lesley Riddoch’s Blossom

Andy Wightman’s The Poor had no Lawyers

Russell Brand’s Revolution

Owen Jones’ The Establishment

R.Buckminster Fuller’s Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

Dominic Frisby’s Life After the State

Ian Mitchell’s Isles of the West

Ian Mitchell’s Isles of the North

How to be Free Tom Hodgkinson

Islamic Art and Architecture, by Robert Hillenbrand

Birds of the World, by David Stephen, illustrated by Takeo Ishida

The Communist Manifesto, by Friedrich Engels/Karl Marx

Northline, by Willy Vlautin

Song Writers on Song Writing, by Paul Zollo

The Secret Museum, by Molly Oldfield

The Vignelli Canon, by Massimo Vignelli

The Northwest Highlands, by Donald J Bennet

Preferred Lies, by Andrew Greig

The Motel Life, by Willy Vlautin

The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May

Masquerade, by Kit Wiliams

The Wisdom of Insecurity, by Alan Watts

The Truth, by Michael Palin

The Portable Jack Kerouac, by Jack Kerouac

A Short Guide to a Happy Life by Anna Quindlen

At the Loch of the Green Corrie, by Andrew Greig

The Outsider, by Colin Wilson

The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, by Alan Watts

No Off Switch, by Andy Kershaw

Completely Unexpected Tales, by Roald Dahl

A Rose for Winter, by Laurie Lee

Red Sky ay Sunrise, Cider with Rosie, As I Walked out One Midsummer Morning & A Moment of War, by Laurie Lee

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig

The Diary of a Man of Fifty, by Henry James

The Lighthouse, by Alison Moore

Nausea, by Jean-Paul Sartre

Dubliners, by James Joyce

The Road to Le Tholonet, by Monty Don

You are what you eat, by Gillian McKeith

How to be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Do the work by Steven Pressfield

Outside by Chris McCully 

The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka

The Millennium Trilogy by Steig Larsson

The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching

In Treehouses by Thom Chambers

Idler 42 Smash the System

Idler 43 Back to the Land

Idler 44 Mind Your Business

The Ultimate Guide to Better Writing

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Tribes by Seth Godin

The Monk and the Philosopher

The Quantum and the Lotus

The Wisdom of Donkeys

Some of it was fun by Hugh Falkus

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