The Money Problem

I’m a bit weird in that I decided to be free before I could afford it and it has occurred to me over the years since I began my quest for freedom that money is always the proverbial elephant in the room for anyone who desires true freedom from the hamster wheel of doom. That’s why,… Continue reading The Money Problem

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Attitudes to work are firmly lodged at the centre of any discussion about freedom. I was recently involved in such a discussion with some friends and the overwhelming feeling was one of stuckness. I know that’s not a word but it describes what was being communicated very well. It started with just one person raising… Continue reading work

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I mentioned in a previous post that “the getting of money” a phrase borrowed from Chris McCully, was the single most quoted problem for people seeking freedom in their lives. Freedom in this sense means the freedom to decide what you do at any given moment in time, so it generally means not working for… Continue reading money 2


I’m re-reading Chris McCully’s excellent “Outside” at the moment This is actually a collection of essay type pieces which use fishing as a catalyst to discuss issues of loneliness and the feeling of being “outside”. One of Chris’s thoughts that struck home with me was a fleeting reference to “the getting of money”. He only… Continue reading money