Corona Virus makes an irrefutable case for people centred Socialism

Since this virus madness started I’ve been revisiting some of the inspirational stuff I’ve dug up and stumbled upon in the past and I’m now committing to a series of activities in the morning, which I’ve collectively called my miracle morning and which aims to boost my immune system and induce and maintain a positive mental state throughout the day. This is loosely based on an idea I read about on holiday in the USA last Easter. The Miracle Morning Book bases this idea on a mnemonic SAVERS…made up as follows: Silence, Affirmations, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (W for writing wouldn’t work!).
Recently I’ve had a strange tension pain in the right side of the back of my neck and head that can be excruciating sometimes and when I’ve meditated on why this might be happening, I can only conclude that it is stress related…most recently quite obviously related to the scary stories we are being subjected to due to our western Governments’ failure to believe scientific experts in favour of the market. We now know conclusively that this is Pish to use a good old Scots word.
George Monbiot has summarised this very well here
Unless everybody is totally mad, and I am convinced that most ordinary people are not, then I believe this horrific situation will almost certainly lead to a complete re-think of how government works and a renewed commitment to protecting nature and our social well being. I predict a near future where massive investment is made by a socialist government in the NHS to make it stand so tall that it will finally be seen as the most miraculously humane thing any national government has ever conceived, coupled with a Universal Basic Income for all citizens and an end to market led, idiot public school boy/failed entrepreneur led governments that ruin the only planet we can live on.
Unfortunately for our own political cause, I also predict that the Coronavirus will save the Union due to the above.
All that said, I want to make sure we all survive to see that so I’m encouraging my family to join me on my own Miracle Morning which goes like this:
  • 6.00 – (Silence) Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation
  • 6.15 – (Exercise) 5BX  (5  Basic Exercises for Captured Airmen of the Royal Canadian Airforce)
  • 6.30 – (Exercise and Immune System Boost) Wim Hof Method for Immune System Boosting
  • 6.45 – (Visualisation, Exercise) Dug Walking
Take it easy and stay healthy!

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