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Corona Virus makes an irrefutable case for people centred Socialism

Since this virus madness started I’ve been revisiting some of the inspirational stuff I’ve dug up and stumbled upon in the past and I’m now committing to a series of activities in the morning, which I’ve collectively called my miracle morning and which aims to boost my immune system and induce and maintain a positive mental state throughout the day. This is loosely based on an idea I read about on holiday in the USA last Easter. The Miracle Morning Book bases this idea on a mnemonic SAVERS…made up as follows: Silence, Affirmations, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (W for writing wouldn’t work!).
Recently I’ve had a strange tension pain in the right side of the back of my neck and head that can be excruciating sometimes and when I’ve meditated on why this might be happening, I can only conclude that it is stress related…most recently quite obviously related to the scary stories we are being subjected to due to our western Governments’ failure to believe scientific experts in favour of the market. We now know conclusively that this is Pish to use a good old Scots word.
George Monbiot has summarised this very well here
Unless everybody is totally mad, and I am convinced that most ordinary people are not, then I believe this horrific situation will almost certainly lead to a complete re-think of how government works and a renewed commitment to protecting nature and our social well being. I predict a near future where massive investment is made by a socialist government in the NHS to make it stand so tall that it will finally be seen as the most miraculously humane thing any national government has ever conceived, coupled with a Universal Basic Income for all citizens and an end to market led, idiot public school boy/failed entrepreneur led governments that ruin the only planet we can live on.
Unfortunately for our own political cause, I also predict that the Coronavirus will save the Union due to the above.
All that said, I want to make sure we all survive to see that so I’m encouraging my family to join me on my own Miracle Morning which goes like this:
  • 6.00 – (Silence) Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation
  • 6.15 – (Exercise) 5BX  (5  Basic Exercises for Captured Airmen of the Royal Canadian Airforce)
  • 6.30 – (Exercise and Immune System Boost) Wim Hof Method for Immune System Boosting
  • 6.45 – (Visualisation, Exercise) Dug Walking
Take it easy and stay healthy!

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That feeling of Powerlessness only applies if you try to play the same game as the powerful. That’s the intention of Power. If we all felt we had it, then it wouldn’t work.

It’s a bit like Poverty in that respect. If everyone was financially wealthy, then there would be no wealth. You can only measure financial wealth with a yard stick that compares Wealth with Poverty. If there are no poor people, then there are no wealthy people.

If you are feeling powerless, it’s probably because someone has stacked the odds against you. A common experience of this is when we get mixed up between what’s Lawful and what’s Legal.

The concept of what is Lawful is just known by everybody instinctively, it’s common and natural. Even the bad guys in the black hats know this, but they’ve chosen to confuse kindness with weakness and exploit someone else’s good nature. Lawful is defined by society as a whole and of course it changes overtime, but that change is a slow consensual process…you’re unlikely to get caught out by it.

Legal on the other hand is much less clear, intuitive or instinctive and it can change at the drop of a hat. That’s because Legal has been invented by the powerful, the wealthy. And it is being constantly re-invented and changed to allow those powerful and wealthy people to keep the upper hand.

You can tell that something is invented or corrupt by asking what happens if? over and over again until you get to the root of it. For example

Q1. What if I steal this food?

A1. We’ll take you to court for trial because that is illegal.

Q2. What if I don’t want to do that?

A2. Then we’ll raise a summons in court and you’ll be compelled to attend court to be tried.

Q3. What if I just say ignore that?

A3. We’ll send a Police car for you and make you come

Q4. What if I say I’m not coming?

A4. The Policeman will bring you by force

Q5. What if I resist his force?

A5 Then more Policemen will come and beat you up and bring you forcibly to Court to be tried!


There you go…Violence. If it ends in Violence then it’s invented to protect someone else’s interests and kind of fucked up in lot’s of ways don’t you think? This is the Legal System invented by the already powerful and continually tweaked to scare and tread on those they seek to exert that power over. They’ve created all of the rules and they’ve even created a new language so that you have no chance of navigating their system without the help of one of their Minions who speaks Legalese.

This happens because you’ve chosen to play the game of the powerful. If you are going to have any chance of losing your feeling of powerlessness, then you’ll have to stop joining in with games that are stacked against you from the outset. Just refuse to play and if that seems difficult start inventing your own game.

If you keep it lawful, you can largely ignore legal. Keep away from the games of the powerful and be free!

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I only recently heard about the Craftivist Movement, a form of activism for people who aren’t naturally shouty!

Sarah Corbett is credited with starting this very different approach to changing people’s minds about politics, business and society in a very quite and considered way.

Sarah tells the tale of how she started a successful campaign targeting the pile high, sell cheap, clothes store Primark in the UK to try to make them aware of the damage their business model caused to the poor people who made their clothes in the far east.


I have often felt compelled to speak up on a local societal issue or two, or the abuses of power we see on a daily basis in business and government throughout the world, but I either can’t be bothered to maintain the effort or feel that my opinions aren’t welcome or important enough. Essentially I’ve usually felt that those responsible for these misdemeanours or worse are fully aware of their actions and if they gave a fuck they would change their ways. No amount of name calling by me will change that.

However, I have overlooked the importance of two major points in this approach:

  1. The need to make others aware of the shit that goes on, that maybe they just haven’t encountered yet
  2. The need to help ordinary people realise that they can make a difference and that they aren’t as powerless as they sometimes might feel

This is why I commend Craftivism to you if you are a quiet one like me. If something riles you, then it’s likely that it’s wrong and needs fixing and if you can get others to recognise this too, in a gentle non-pushy way, then why not give it a go?

Think illustration rather than raving on about it. Think about shining a light on it, rather than trying to crowbar it back into shape. Sometimes the best way to beat bullies is to simply give them a long enough piece of rope to hang themselves, metaphorically speaking of course.

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Oussudu Lake anti poaching effort

Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi has directed Forest Department officials to take stern action against those involved in poaching of birds in Oussudu lake, a bird sanctuary jointly managed by Puducherry and Tamil Nadu.

Ms. Bedi, who inspected the lake on Sunday following reports of poaching highlighted by The Hindu on July 19, said the department had been asked to take stern action against people found poaching birds.

The police and forest departments have been asked to probe the cause of death of fish in the lake. They have been asked to find…more

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Compassion fatigue

Last week, we decided to tackle Turkish media coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis after doing the same for Western media. The picture it painted was not pretty, as the core problems remained the same just like the victims. We covered how a sizeable portion of the media presented them as a threat, and just like the baseless speculation, wording was also a big factor in this portrayal.

However, it is important to remember that too much of a “good thing” can also hurt the main purpose.

A mistake shared by national and foreign media when it comes to reporting on refugees lies with overexposure or more specifically the huge number of news articles that cover refugee issues. This is borne out of the belief that repeatedly focusing on a specific problem can lead to more awareness and hopefully, solutions.

However, studies show that this…more

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Where is the compassion?

In reading a current report on the status of DACA I pondered as to whatever happened to compassion in America. There are 800,000 “Dreamer” children who were brought here by their undocumented parents, their language English, educated in American schools many of whom have achieved higher degrees, and have lived a peaceful life like all legal citizens.

President Barrack Obama initiated amnesty for…read on

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