The Money Problem

the money problem

I’m a bit weird in that I decided to be free before I could afford it and it has occurred to me over the years since I began my quest for freedom that money is always the proverbial elephant in the room for anyone who desires true freedom from the hamster wheel of doom.

That’s why, once again this year, I’m shamelessly locking on to the inevitable tsunami of desire for real freedom that comes along every January and that is the object and subject of many millions of New Year Resolutions.

The only difference is that I’m going to focus the entirety of the fictional entity we call 2017 on exploring, helping and teaching on the subject of money:

Why you never seem to have enough money…and…

Why you will never be free to be free if you wait for the money to arrive first

How your relationship with money was formed and why this is holding you back from freedom

How to get people to give you money instead of you constantly giving it to others

How to need less money

How to rethink work

How to be free and support yourself financially forever

Staring tomorrow with my money freedom manifesto



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