Hidden in plain sight

hidden in plain sight

Sometimes the answers to finding freedom and the arguments for change are hidden in plain sight.

The 30K job and it’s real cost to you

When we say we have a 30K, 50K or 150K Job, what does that mean. Most wage slaves would jump at a 30K Job offer, but the true costs make that 30K worth a lot less.

  • Tax/Pension/National Insurance deductions
  • Travel/Fuel/Car costs
  • Lunch/Coffee Costs

When you work out your true hourly rate once you take into account the times you don’t get away on time and the extra hours spent travelling to and from the job and add them to the costs of the list above…you should only be doing it if you truly love every part doing it.

The gee gees as a career choice

Some people make a good living from horse betting every day…they are true enthusiasts and are doing exactly what they love to do. No Career Adviser is ever going to recommend this strategy, but some make it work.

The monthly car payment and the alternatives

The monthly car payment is a shackle, a comfort blanket and a liability. If it wasn’t for that 30K job would you really need such an expensive car? What about:

  1. Well chosen old car £1000 one off payment, plus £200 a year maintenance? 5 Years motoring for £2000?
  2. No car
  3. Shared car
  4. Bike?

The £100 a day lifestyle and how it compares to out and out capitalism

Imagine you could start something up that generates £100 profit a day, 7 days a week…that’s £36,500 actual cash and when wrapped up in your business, a lot of your expenses, including the car can be paid from that before tax.

168 (hours in a week)

The way you spend your hours is the way you spend your days is the way you spend your life; Where do pensions, mortgages and car payments fit into this?…discuss…

Equity release

Finally, the big reveal you’ve been dreading about the lie you’ve been sold on home ownership. Most people won’t ever own the home they are paying a mortgage (translation=death pledge). Equity release is the new norm, meaning you slowly but surely rent more and more of your home from a money lender in order just to make ends meet in your retirement. At the end, there is no home, the money lender owns it and all of that worry and effort about the property ladder was for nought…Ownership is false and chasing it is futile.

The dreams of the fathers may be visited on the daughters and sons if they’re smart enough to notice what they were in the first place!

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