How to do 9 weeks work in an hour

9 weeks work in an hour

9 weeks work in an hour? The average work week is around 40 hours. Certainly this is the commonly accepted figure. Of course when you add in overtime (paid or not) and all of those little extra 10 minutes here and half an hour there to finish urgent projects, the real figure is probably a lot more for most wage slaves. I wont rub it in further by mentioning the commute to and from work and certainly wouldn’t want to labour the point about your actual hourly rate after all of the extra time, taxes, fairs, fuel and lunch costs etc. No, I wouldn’t want to do that. It could be hurtful to many people.

However, just to help illuminate the point of this post a little more before I actually get to the point; much of that 40 ( or 60 or 80) hours is hugely unproductive. Hey, you know me by now, I’m not being scathing about the lack of productivity, but it’s probably so low as a percentage of the actual hours spent on the premises that most business owners would feel suicidal if they worked it out.

Now, tell me what’s holding you back from digging your tunnel out of there? What’s stopping you from building the project you have been dreaming of for ever? It’s most likely time, isn’t it? You don’t have enough time to spend on it, but if you did, then you could leave that 9-5 (7-7 more like in most cases) behind and enjoy yourself. You could be an idler, a traveller a painter or a musician if you just had the time to spend on the freedom project.

What if you could get an extra 9 working weeks in the year to spend just on your freedom project…yes 9 full 40 hour work weeks. And by the way, these work weeks I’m talking about are fully productive, there’s no water cooler time, no pissing around waiting for someone else to waffle on in meetings, no travelling, no extra costs etc etc. Just 9 full 40 hour work weeks when you don’t have to be anywhere else or work on anything but your freedom project!

Here’s how to get those extra weeks for your own stuff:

Put in 1 solid hour of work on your freedom project every day for the next 365 days. As soon as the hour starts, get your head down. Close all browser windows. Just have the program you need open. If it’s something physical you need to do, leave your iPad, phone and laptop somewhere else. Switch off the TV if you’re doing this in the evening, but put a solid 60 minutes into the work you know will create your freedom.

After 365 days of this, you will have worked for more than nine, 40 hour  week equivalents, which is actually more like 4 months in a real job due to the lack of distraction and the massive amount of non-productive time that is wrapped up in every real job.

Build your freedom project 1 fully focussed hour at a time, make it a habit, make it feel bad not to do it and in one year from now you will have spent the most productive year in your life and will be well on the way to creating yourself out of the rat race. You can jump off the hamster wheel of doom forever.

Frightened you’ll just sit and piss about checking Facebook?

Next time I’ll show you how to make sure you know exactly how to fill each of your 365 new hours.

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