the Fall of the Dynasties

fall of the dynasties

German aristos

full of their own importance

cause century of murders

The Germans in question are still on England’s throne and we’ve stood by and tugged our forelocks to them. They’ve caused untold millions of deaths. Their petty family squabbles have resonated down through the entire 20th Century and the fallout is still being felt today. Medieval scabs in central Europe and the Balkans were picked until they bled millions of innocent lives in the former Yugoslavia. Barbarous Dictators were left to their own devices while Britain stood at the back and watched while their hideous genocides unfolded on TV before our eyes. What the fuck is monarchy all about? Why do the little Englanders still want to save our gracious German Queen, while at the same time holding Germany up as the antithesis of Englishness?… The German Aristocracy of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries with their self righteous and entitled demeanour has permeated every aspect of good old England’s establishment to the point where we have little over privileged gobshites like David Cameron and Boris Johnson dismantling the one true piece of progress made in Europe in the 20th Century, just for japes. Make no mistake, the idiotic (if you’re not a war mongering, money worshipping arse) Brexit has been engineered by the Tory Party and fully supported by the Establishment as a way to undermine and eradicate any chance of compassion and social virtue left in this country. Next on the Agenda will be the complete dismantling of and profiteering from the picked over bones of the NHS. Then the Devolved Administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be slowly undermined and gotten rid of. It’s not by chance that Theresa May is still so highly regarded despite such an obviously incompetent performance as Prime Minister. She’s a little cog in a very big machine. The coalition of bigotry and flat earthish-ness with the DUP is no mistake. They are the perfect partners in all of this. They don’t want a devolved assembly at Stormont, they want Ireland back in British control. This book, explains how one idiotic and hated German Aristocrat’s stupid and ill advised visit to Sarajevo fucked up the whole of the 20th Century in a way that still reverberates loudly today.

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