Yesterday I suggested simplicity as a means of relieving the pressure that is on your new enterprise to make money.

Simplifying your life and outgoings can release a great deal of latent creativity too, which might well feed into your enterprise.

My first aim in my own simplification process was to obliterate monthly bills. Now I have no car payment, no credit card debt, no loans, no unnecessary subscriptions to anything; all of this takes the pressure off significantly.

You can reduce essential bills too. Electricity companies want you to use more electricity so they actively support the proliferation of gadgets that plug in to the wall. What’s essential?

Food bills are growing, but food waste is growing faster…what’s that all about?

Stuff is another aspect of modern life that tends to result in stress and a reduction in creativity. Is there stuff like excess clothing, gadgets and junk lying around your place? Start to get rid of it slowly, but steadily and don’t replace it. You can also raise a bit of spare cash this way by selling it off on eBay or with local free ads.



Photo Credit: renatotarga via Compfight cc

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