should and could

should and want

Nudging the end of our enterprise month do you feel closer to doing something fulfilling that also pays the bills?

If the answer is no or maybe, then the difficulty in imagining how your ideas can possibly generate enough cash to pay your current bills reliably, month after month could be what’s holding you back.

Two things to bear in mind about that dilemma:

  1. If you don’t start, you’ll never know.
  2. You don’t have to jump in with both feet.

Just starting whatever it is you think you might do for a self powered enterprise will undoubtedly release different chemicals in your brain and these will produce all sorts of new experiences for you. This is the fork in the road or the sliding doors of legend in action. You will never know what lies down the road not taken.

You don’t have to give up the perceived security of a 9-5 job all in one go. Next month’s theme will be Tunnelling which is my word for escaping the drudgery of someone else’s prescription for the shape, form and content of our lives, but slowly, almost without them noticing.

The simple act of just getting started will start the ball rolling on a period of exponential inner growth that will see you making decisions and taking actions your old self could never have foreseen.

Beware, the old thinking patterns that are deeply ingrained though. Your old, workaday self came up with the original idea for your freedom enterprise, so don’t be surprised if your ideas start to explode into a huge range of different realms and the original idea becomes too tame or even unattractive now. Follow your instinct and don’t try to force it.

Don’t follow the money. That is the old you. Instead follow the excitement, novelty, inspiration and above all the fulfilment; the money will eventually take care of itself.

Meantime, think about simplifying things so that more of your time can be spent doing exactly what you want to do. Don’t be alarmed or angry if what you really want to do at any given moment is not exactly how you envisaged it. Those chemicals are rushing around getting used to all this new freedom, sparking new ideas, imagining new ways of doing things. Don’t let your old self curtail or restrict their freedom. Don’t let should overpower could.

This might worry you at first, but this is more than likely to be a self imposed guilt trip. Stop, breathe and pinpoint the negative feeling; where is it manifested, what does it mean, where is it coming from? It’s usually self imposed guilt, otherwise known as Imposter Syndrome.



Photo Credit: operation_janet via Compfight cc

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