Well, we’re getting close to the end of January, but isn’t it a long  month when you’re waiting for a pay cheque to come in?

You might remember that the theme of restless peasant for January 2016 is Enterprise and that on New Year’s Day for inspiration I took the following amazing quote from the impressively focussed Simone Weil:

“When someone exposes himself as a slave in the market place, what wonder if he finds a master?”

In this inspirational quote she cuts right to the quick of life’s enduring question: What’s it all about?

As far as anyone can tell, it is about nothing in particular. Perhaps more accurately, it is about different things for different people and in that respect nothing is any more important than anything else. In the face of this, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to conclude that everything, every activity, every occupation we might pursue is, essentially, trivial to all but the main benefactor.

Who is the main benefactor of your daily activities?

The answer to this question will reveal why you feel good or bad about your situation.



Photo Credit: callewaert_megane via Compfight cc

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