At the life stage called Adolescence (defined as a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood), the sometimes moody, awkward, depressive and even suicidal behaviour of young individuals is routinely blamed on hormones and/or the somewhat euphemistic growing pains. But it seems strange that at… Continue reading Resigned

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global positioning system

The linear/spectrum model doesn’t explain autism and the fact that there are probably as many types/grades of it as there are sufferers (we’re not suffering by the way, we’re just being treated differently for not being average). Our tangental leaps away from the accepted line of average, or from the  supposed spectrum result in us… Continue reading global positioning system

168 revisited

168 (hours in a week) X 52 (weeks in a year) = 8736 hours 365 (1 hour a day for a year) = 4% of 8736. 4% of your time is all you need to create a life of freedom, one action at a time.

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Final resting place

You might be a Marie Kondo convert by now; everyone else seems to be. Marie is the women behind the best seller decluttering sensation that is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. In the book Marie lays out her system for decluttering any physical space.  The only problem is that early on in the book,… Continue reading Final resting place

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A key theme running through this blog over the years has been the need for peasants and freedom seekers like us to create and utilise Assets. This pattern of living copies the cleverest of the strategies of the landed gentry, hopefully without aping their sometimes less than caring attitudes towards others. Without formal education in… Continue reading Spend

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Our Human Condition

Happy New Year! A somewhat vacuous statement that we’ll hear for a day or so this week. But how can we ensure that this year will indeed be a happy one? Well, we can continue our search for true freedom, the freedom to choose what we do every day instead of dancing to someone else’s… Continue reading Our Human Condition

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