In the past I have had mild success with turning journaling into flow state like spells of really creative writing and indeed have developed a great many ideas that were otherwise just idle thoughts, when in that mode in the past, but had never made the connection with this process and the (relatively unimportant in the global scheme) reasonable success I have had.

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Time flies.

A new study sheds light on why time flies, or at least seems to, as we get older. On the face of it another daft study into bugger all, but on closer inspection it really does explain a great deal about the different perception we have of time as we age. An hour to my… Continue reading Time flies.

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Bitcoin-the future of money?

crypto-currency the future of everything or digital fad? The beauty of this book is that the author has a deep understanding of the subject, from experience and is not simply regurgitating to support a particular view. He is very much of the mind that we should do the same if we are at all interested… Continue reading Bitcoin-the future of money?

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oh! meditation Learned to meditate and found that I always had You want to learn to meditate? That’s going to be a good thing for just about anybody who is struggling with the world even in a small way. There’s nothing to learn, except to be here now When I learned to meditate in a… Continue reading now

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