micro business

With your own Micro Business you can have Beer and Skittles every day. A famous old English saying “life can’t be all beer and skittles”, communicates perfectly the old puritanical ideal that enjoyment of life is bound to be restricted to fleeting glimpses of pleasure sandwiched between large and heavy slices of mindless work and… Continue reading micro business

5 easy steps to start a freedom business.

The safest and easiest way out of the rat race is to dig a tunnel. When did you last consider digging a tunnel? Probably not since you were a child I would imagine. (Tunnelling Engineers…work with me here…) Put another way, have you ever thought (or ever stopped thinking) about changing your life for the… Continue reading 5 easy steps to start a freedom business.


Inviting “Orders” is diametrically opposed to the idea of Freedom. Recently I have decided that to be truly free, my life (or more accurately my income generation methods) should be free of order taking. It’s not by chance that the term we use for everyday business transactions is “taking orders” or that we say a… Continue reading orders