micro business

micro business

With your own Micro Business you can have Beer and Skittles every day.

A famous old English saying “life can’t be all beer and skittles”, communicates perfectly the old puritanical ideal that enjoyment of life is bound to be restricted to fleeting glimpses of pleasure sandwiched between large and heavy slices of mindless work and drudgery.

The words themselves carefully chosen to impact the working class person in the strongest possible way because beer is what peasants drink and knocking down skittles with a ball is as complex as personal enjoyment gets for poor, under-educated people.

Of course the Puritans are still here and their system , capitalism, is geared to educating the peasants just enough for them to take their place in the halter of a 9-5 job for our entire lives. We are the pit ponies of the 21st century, the grease that keeps the old capitalist machine working.

Look at the enormous mess that the whole game was in until recently. Everyday the politicians got more and more perplexed about why, regardless of how much money they printed, the game just wouldn’t get going again the way they wanted it to. That’s because more and more of us are learning a big lesson about capitalism, debt and life generally. More and more of us are asking Why?, why keep doing this? Why keep stressing like this just to have a bigger house? Its useless to you when you’re dead from a heart attack. Why do we need the latest model BMW?

But as free thinking individuals we don’t have to see things the way the capitalists do and we don’t have to play the game anymore; if you want to you can spend your days creating art, fishing, living simply, sharing simple pleasures with whoever passes through and pondering the universe.

Day break brings a new day, every day and we can choose to make it turn out the way we want it to; really want it to.

By giving yourself a chance to lead a self fulfilled, self sufficient life you can spend your days wandering on the beach gathering driftwood if you like.

Being here in the moment is something that we can all learn; it is really just a matter of forming a new habit. We can all make the break for freedom instead of saving for a few years of awkward release after 40 years at the grindstone, the same few years that many retirees find stressful and unfulfilling.

However, few of us can break away immediately and completely from the capitalist world where the ever increasing round of bigger houses, better paid jobs and flashier cars is hard to bear, but take an hour to dream in a favourite location and you might just surprise yourself by discovering something of what you really would have preferred to do. Then it’s just a case of finding a way to do it and if you want it bad enough then you’ll do it. The only time it can be too late for this is when they are lowering you into the ground, so don’t let age or circumstances hold you back.

My favourite comedian Billy Connolly commented on the advice that stopping smoking could add 5 years to your life! Billy said:

 “ yeh, but the extra five years won’t be when you’re 21 and shagging like a stag will they? No,… they’ll be when you’re shitting yourself and being fed through a straw!…no thanks, I’ll just have a wee smoke”

By starting your own micro business, you can spend the time previously thought of as work, just doing stuff you love…and making a living into the bargain.

Life can include as much beer and skittles as you want so don’t save up your good days for later.



Photo Credit: dalbera via Compfight cc

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