24 Assets

24 Assets Build them and your freedom is ensured forever   I’ve rabbited on about Assets forever on here and this book, 24 Assets, brings a great deal of real, solid perspective to that argument. Those who seek freedom from the 9-5, the Rat Race/ Hamster Wheel of Doom or whatever you call it would… Continue reading 24 Assets

money 2

I mentioned in a previous post that “the getting of money” a phrase borrowed from Chris McCully, was the single most quoted problem for people seeking freedom in their lives. Freedom in this sense means the freedom to decide what you do at any given moment in time, so it generally means not working for… Continue reading money 2


In freedom I touched on the subject of assets by briefly talking about the upper classes or the landed gentry as we tend to think of them in the UK. In using the term “landed gentry” I mean people from the supposed upper layers of society who own large swathes of land, usually in the… Continue reading assets