What’s your idea of freedom? I’ll tell you what mine is and if it sounds like something you want to achieve…read on, if not I’ll have saved you a bit of reading. Freedom~ the ability to choose my own path on a daily basis, every day of my life. It’s a very simple definition, but… Continue reading freedom


I’m re-reading Chris McCully’s excellent “Outside” at the moment This is actually a collection of essay type pieces which use fishing as a catalyst to discuss issues of loneliness and the feeling of being “outside”. One of Chris’s thoughts that struck home with me was a fleeting reference to “the getting of money”. He only… Continue reading money


Listening to all the noise going on around the global financial meltdown I suddenly realise that I’ve probably been right all along about Capitalism. That’s not to say that I’ve never been seduced by it; I have played the silly games of stuff collecting and keeping up with the Joneses just like anyone else, but… Continue reading detach


What’s worse? Your partner has an affair or your partner wants to have an affair? What if you got there just in time to stop it happening…would that be better? You might be able to make yourself a barrier to it actually happening, but you can’t create a barrier to their desire for it to happen.… Continue reading observe

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I was reading Billy Connolly’s fantastic book about his trip across northern Canada. It was one of those great glossy books that accompany a TV series and although I missed most of the TV programs last year, the book is fascinating, largely because Billy demonstrates a great understanding and deep connection with people…individuals. The book… Continue reading ugly

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