Through the Asperger window

Asperger window

I’ve recently been fascinated by the idea of frames, windows and/or lenses. By that I mean the potential for everything to be viewed in a particular way, from a certain angle maybe. Another way to think about this is the way we see the world through our built in, or manufactured prejudices we have very little control over.

Marketers are well aware of the potential to show us something through a particular lens in order to make us respond positively to their offer. Politicians (or at least their spin doctors) are masters at showing us the opposition and its ideas through a negative lens, knowing as they do that bad news sells faster than good news. Hence the lack of good news in the News!

In the past 6 months I’ve realised that viewing things through a different lens, or looking at old pictures through new windows if you like, can be very enlightening.

I’ve always been a bit odd, a loner, or an outsider in the view of many people I’ve encountered throughout my life. If you’ve had this experience, then you’ll know that mostly it remains unexpressed by them and you are just ignored, shunned or avoided, but with a few people, probably fewer than 10 in my 50 odd years, they’ve felt compelled to just come right out and tell me how weird they think I am or to let me know in very certain terms that my company isn’t required. These are the brave (or stupid) souls, who are actually doing you a favour in helping you to find out about yourself more readily than those who simply shun you and stay quiet about their reasons.

I now know that my experience is largely down to the Aspergers like wiring I have. I only learned of this last year and it has been enlightening to pick out a few sample experiences from the past and look at them through what I’ve come to think of as my Aspergers Window. A bit like the round, square and arched windows they used to have on Playschool!

If you’ve had troubles, difficulties or have come up against roadblocks when trying to make sense of your life, perceived failings or have niggling doubts or worries about yourself, try looking at them through a different window. A window through which you are not always to blame, where the problem isn’t always down to you to fix…it could be a life changer.


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