Being mindful in the every day is a key Buddhist principle. I’m not a fully fledged Buddhist, but I do meditate a little and I do admire those who manage to follow the Buddhist path; those who are mindful in all that they do. They always look so “together” and peaceful. The crux of meditation… Continue reading mindful


What’s it all about?, why are we here?, what does it all mean?, is the answer really 42? Well, like many people I’ve struggled with the big question from time to time and it has caused me a lot of trouble. In trivial I touched on the problem by questioning the worth of, well…anything and everything. Heading off… Continue reading meditate


If you’ve ever struggled with the seemingly futile effort of heading off to work at the office or factory you will identify with this post I hope. Why am I doing this? How did I end up like this? Why don’t I have any time for myself? What could I do for a living or… Continue reading trivial