Why do we do what we do?

Sometimes we are so used to doing the things we do everyday, month, year that we lose track of why we are doing them.

When something crops up that you think you need to do or should do it’s a good idea sometimes to ask yourself why am I doing this? This is especially important if you have a niggling doubt that your reasons are less than healthy.

If this throws up more confusion then you simply need to ask “why?” again and then again and again after that until you get to the root cause of the issue.

The fact is that many of the things we do in life are for reasons other than progressing our own happiness or freedom. They are quite often done for reasons of competition i.e. competing with our fellow humans for recognition; an effort to be recognised, praised and appreciated. This is however, just another form of clinging; the greatest health problem in humanity.

This leads many of us to live a life that is incomplete, unfulfilled and miserable. You might experience this as just getting on with the daily drudgery.

Asking yourself the simple question


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