freedom through tiny steps

freedom through tiny steps

Tasks, projects and action; the sure way to get the right stuff done.

Last timeĀ I talked about how setting aside just one hour a day by getting up earlier can get you on your way to achieving freedom to start the micro business you’ve always wanted.

I went on to look at how you might use that extra time effectively to get the real work done and I wanted to share a tip for how to make sure you keep on track today.

Freedom seekers usually have a different outlook on life from the rest of the general population. The default position in the western world is to go to school, get good grades and then move on to develop a career and then retire. Almost everyone you meet will be following a path close to that one.

So first of all, congratulations, you are among the very few people who actively pursue their real dreams while they are still able to.

The trouble with that is you will come up against a lot of resistance to getting on with doing what it is you want to do.

This resistance can be internal or external. Self generated or incoming from those around you who think you are crazy or misguided.

My advice on theexternal, incoming flak is Don’t Flinch, just keep on keeping on with what it is you want to do.

Strangely enough the internal resistance is much more difficult to deal with, but here is what you really must do:


There is no great science to being successful in what you do, it just needs a little discipline.

Faced with the huge and growing to do list you have in front of you, its easy to get sidetracked and bogged down and even easier to feel like you are facing an impossible uphill struggle.

There is no rush, make sure you do every thing to the best of your ability.

Learn the difference between a task and a project.

For our purposes here I define a task as a job that can be completed in one sitting.

A project such as creating your web presence is made up of a series of tasks which might look like this:

1. set up account
2. set up twitter account
3. mindmap “about” page for blog
4. write text for about page for blog
5. choose photos and graphics for blog
6. choose and install blog theme
7. format sidebars on blog
8. post “about” page to blog
9. mindmap “pillar” post subjects
10. write text for pillar post number 1
11. choose photos for pillar post number 1
12. create pillar post number 1.
13. mindmap pillar post number 2.

You see…baby steps.

Even with such a plan full of one sitting, baby steps, I know that it can be incredibly difficult to stay focused in the face of other distractions.

Doing one thing at a time isn’t just a more considered and meditative way to get things done. it’s actually the only way. Multi-tasking is a myth and we should avoid getting caught up in those.



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