Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

Fingers in the Sparkle Jar


50 years of confusion

made good and explained


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Chris Packham’s, Fingers in the Sparkle Jar has helped me enormously to get my head around, well, me really.

I didn’t recognise the signs of Aspergers in myself until last year at the age of 52! Since learning that I have asd, I have been able to look back at my countless failures, embarrassments and howling fuck ups from my childhood, right up to the present day, all of which are vivid and word perfectly remembered of course,  and regurgitated regularly for my embarrassment and dismay.

Now with this new knowledge and the encouragement this book has given me, my piss poor decisions, U turns, disastrous relationships and friend seeking, my days of constant sorrow when trying to be around and amongst other, normal (average) humans are understood.

Whenever I feel the gut wrenching pangs associated with any one of thousands of painful experiences and rejections, I can re-examine them if I want, through the Asperger Window and that is a great comfort and (swallows hard before using annoying Americanism) brings closure to previously open ended pain pits.

My whole life to date now makes sense and I can suavely swan about like a rich flaneur of old, being as aloof, arrogant and unapproachable as fuck; looking forward to my time as a lonely old man…Yes I’ve been appraised of all of the aforementioned at one time or another by well meaning normal (average) people.

I recommend Mr Packham’s book to anyone who feels they don’t fit in. You might learn something you arrogant so and so!

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