We think too much and that’s a major downside of being human; we think too much about how we got here, what we are here for and how we can get a Range Rover Sport like Richard’s next door. We save up for the good times, as if we can be sure the good times… Continue reading balance


In freedom I touched on the subject of assets by briefly talking about the upper classes or the landed gentry as we tend to think of them in the UK. In using the term “landed gentry” I mean people from the supposed upper layers of society who own large swathes of land, usually in the… Continue reading assets


Clutter is probably the most damaging aspect of our modern consumerist lives. I’ve been on a little mini quest to de-clutter my life as completely as possible. This has meant looking deeply not only at what superfluous stuff I have, but also at how much of what I actually have to do on a daily… Continue reading clutter


What’s your idea of freedom? I’ll tell you what mine is and if it sounds like something you want to achieve…read on, if not I’ll have saved you a bit of reading. Freedom~ the ability to choose my own path on a daily basis, every day of my life. It’s a very simple definition, but… Continue reading freedom


I’m re-reading Chris McCully’s excellent “Outside” at the moment This is actually a collection of essay type pieces which use fishing as a catalyst to discuss issues of loneliness and the feeling of being “outside”. One of Chris’s thoughts that struck home with me was a fleeting reference to “the getting of money”. He only… Continue reading money