The Disciple Speaks

the disciple speaks

This is the first extract from texts known as the Gospel of Buddha, purportedly compiled from ancient texts, The Disciple Speaks comes across like so many Christian texts. And, if coming from a western background, you’d be forgiven for assuming Buddhism is another mono-theistic religion. It’s thanks to seekers like Alan Watts that we know differently.

For me this assumption cuts right to the heart of the matter with seers like the Buddha, Christ or whoever. Their wisdom and clarity is harnessed and put to work for baser human desires long after their death and we are expected to take the word as Gospel.

I’m attracted to Buddhism for the opposite reason; that at heart, it is a way of thinking, a way of living even, but the Buddha actively discouraged worship of deities, and most especially himself.

Buddha told those drawn to him that everything they need to understand reality is right there in their own experience.


The Disciple Speaks:

“REJOICE at the glad tidings! The Buddha our Lord has found the root of all evil; he has shown us the way of salvation. The Buddha dispels the illusions of our mind and redeems us from the terror of death.

The Buddha, our Lord, brings comfort to the weary and sorrow-laden; he restores peace to those who are broken down under the burden of life. He gives courage to the weak when they would fain give up self-reliance and hope. You who suffer from the tribulations of life, you who have to struggle and endure, you who yearn for a life of truth, rejoice at the glad tidings! There is balm for the wounded, and there is bread for the hungry. There is water for the thirsty, and there is hope for the despairing. There is light for those in darkness, and there is inexhaustible blessing for the upright.

Heal your wounds, you wounded, and eat your fill, you hungry. Rest, you weary, and you who are thirsty quench your thirst. Look up to the light, you who sit in darkness; be full of good cheer, you who are forlorn.

Trust in truth, You who love the truth, for the kingdom of righteousness is founded upon earth. The darkness of error is dispelled by the light of truth. We can see our way and take firm and certain steps. The Buddha, our Lord, has revealed the truth. The truth cures our diseases and redeems us from perdition; the truth strengthens us in life and in death; the truth alone can conquer the evils of error. Rejoice at the glad tidings!”


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