Pressing the reset button on debt can turn your life around.

Much of the world’s population is tied to drudgery just to feed itself; can you begin to imagine if your main worries were that basic? Actually finding enough food for you and your kids? If we needed any further proof that capitalism was just a game, there is actually a reset button!

However, in the “developed” world where there is generally enough food to go around many people are tied to a life of drudgery…erm…just to earn enough money to feed themselves and their families and to maintain a lifestyle that includes the basics…you know two cars, a house, satellite TV etc.

But this drudgery isn’t borne of a lack of food or indeed a lack of resources of any kind…it’s brought about by our tie in to the capitalist ideal. We no longer need to go looking for food except to the supermarket. When we get there food is plentiful so we tend to eat too much of it.

We come home stressed from work and we don’t get enough exercise or time to ourselves…but it’s worth it to own our house…after the mortgage is paid off…someday. We even fool ourselves that we own our homes before the mortgage is paid off. Oh yes and “mortgage” , its an ugly word and an ugly thought, but the truth is the English equivalent wouldn’t market well.

An awful lot of people get themselves into a state of never ending drudgery because that’s the way its “supposed to be”. You go to school to learn to give up your freedom for one thing; 11 years or so of that and you are conditioned into thinking that your time isn’t actually your own. You even feel guilty when you have some time off!

Once you are sold into that belief system, it’s easy to get you tied into the whole game.

…and it is just a game, it’s invented.

During the recent financial meltdown we saw how ludicrous the whole system is; it’s just a game and to save all of the hellish suffering that people have endured and will continue to endure over the coming few years, those in power should find a way to hit the reset button and start again as the very minimum option. They won’t however, because that would disadvantage those who own the system.

To prove how stupid it all is; there is actually a reset button for you as an individual if you choose to press it; it’s called bankruptcy.

This only works as a positive life affirmation if you choose to change your life completely into what you want for it; if you go down that route only to get back on the crazy consumerism train afterwards you are worse than crazy.

In the saner parts of Europe (UK excluded then) home ownership is not a big priority for most people; how can we own something physical anyway. We are all going to rot after about 80 years or so here, home ownership before enjoyment of your life seems misguided to me.

Sure if you manage to get enough cash generated during your enjoyment of your life by all means buy a place and give it to your kids, but come on.

You can choose to jump off the train; retire from the game early; make your life your own; do the everyday things you would like to do. Life doesn’t have to be about big events like the once in a lifetime trip around the world; anyway these days you don’t have to make round the world trips once in a lifetime events if you think differently about them.

You don’t have to use such drastic measures to get free of debt, but one thing is for sure; you need to be free of debt to be truly free to live the way you want to.

Pressing the reset button is a very real possibility for all of us.

We just have to decide what our own reset button looks like.

Photo thanks to: Elvin via Compfight

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