Neither Averting nor Craving

Relating to part of our discussion last night, Leo has a timely post today here.

“…in each moment where you have some kind of negative emotion … see what you’re avoiding in the moment, or what you’re craving. It might be that you’re avoiding uncertainty and possible failure (and so you’re procrastinating). It might be that you don’t want someone to act a certain way (you’re craving an ideal way for them to behave). It might be that you’re avoiding thinking about something about yourself you don’t like.”

2 Responses to “Neither Averting nor Craving”

  1. Richard

    Yes John, Leo is right on the money.
    It’s not surprising that Craving and Avertion are so often sharing the same place when they are depicted in the very centre of the “Wheel of Life”

    They are 2 of the 3 Kilesas or “Poisons” which are depicted as the Pig, Snake and Cockeral. The pig represents Ignorance, the snake avertion or anger, and the cockeral clinging or delusion.

    They are the energy that drives the other circles that make up the wheel.

    This is probably why so much importance is placed on Equanimity, one of the 4 Brhama Viharas Balance is a much better place from which to view and Equanimity a lovely state in which to be.

    Love Richard. Om Mani Padme hum.

  2. Nat

    Very interesting thoughts – thank you!

    “They are the energy that drives the other circles that make up the wheel.” Could you kindly point me in the direction of ‘the other circles’ please as I struggle to read this in the context…



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