Life with Full Attention

8 week introduction to meditation 16th November 2016An 8 week introduction to Mindfulness starting 11th January 2017

The cumulative and lasting benefits of meditation combined with mindfulness training are now widely accepted both in the fields of early years education and of course mental health.

This is of course, particularly true in the treatment of Depression and related issues such as Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Discoveries in the field of Contemplative Neuroscience are revealing positive benefits when applied to abstinence based recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

However, most folk do it because it’s very pleasant and sometimes insightful.

“Learn to truly Relax – Learn to Meditate

An 8 week Training in Mindfulness and Meditation is titled

“Life with Full Attention”

Every Wednesday for 8 weeks beginning January 11th

Arrive from 7pm at Subud House,  7 St.Leonard’s Bank,  Perth,  PH2 8EB

Suggested donation £5 per week is entirely optional

Contact: Richard 07889 117803 or

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