Hogmanay wisdom from Seth

Seth Godin has an incredibly popular blog and today he has published a list of his most viewed posts of 2014, including:

“How do I get rid of the fear?”

Alas, this is the wrong question.The only way to get rid of the fear is to stop doing things that might not work, to stop putting yourself out there, to stop doing work that matters.No, the right question is, “How do I dance with the fear?”Fear is not the enemy. Paralysis is the enemy.

Treating people with kindness

One theory says that if you treat people well, you’re more likely to encourage them to do what you want, making all the effort pay off. Do this, get that.Another one, which I prefer, is that you might consider treating people with kindness merely because you can. Regardless of what they choose to do in response, this is what you choose to do. Because you can.

“But what if I fail?”

You will.The answer to the what if question is, you will.A better question might be, “after I fail, what then?”Well, if you’ve chosen well, after you fail you will be one step closer to succeeding, you will be wiser and stronger and you almost certainly will be more respected by all of those that are afraid to try.

 The right moment

You might be waiting for things to settle down. For the kids to be old enough, for work to calm down, for the economy to recover, for the weather to cooperate, for your bad back to let up just a little…The thing is, people who make a difference never wait for just the right time. They know that it will never arrive.Instead, they make their ruckus when they are short of sleep, out of money, hungry, in the middle of a domestic mess and during a blizzard. Whenever.As long as whenever is now.

You can see the full list at Seth’s blog here.

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