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  1. Nat

    “Mindfulness for the digital generation.” it said at the very end.
    Hmm, not sure if this would be my approach to the busy life… It kind of makes me feel even more ‘getting to the deadline’ 🙂 The question is ‘why would I want to keep the track of my progress if I meditate to lose myself, not to see how my ‘self’ is performing…
    Anyway, this is my personal take on it. It is as positive as someone makes it to be for themselves – ‘every little helps’ at the end of the day 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. John

    I downloaded it to see what it’s like and sure it is “infected” with the modern disease of measuring progress and productivity which is ironic (you can view your mindfulness “stats”), but the guided meditation tracks at the core of it are pretty good, even though there are a few with annoying smiley voices on them.

    It has a timer too so you can squeeze more mindfulness into downtime like when you’re waiting for the photocopier to finish 🙂 Really, though the timer is useful.

    Overall I’d say there are better things you could be following like Artie Wu’s Preside Meditation stuff we looked at a while ago. There’s a link to that on the Links page.

  3. Richard

    “The intention to be present in the here and now,
    fully engaged in whatever is happening,
    free from distractional judgement,
    with a soft and open mind.”

    What a lovely “definition” of Mindfullness by Dr.David Cox as he promotes Headspace and outlines the functions and opporunities available in the App.

    It was bound to happen?

    What about the 47% of time when we are in free random thought or Unawareness?
    See you tonight 🙂 Richard


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