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I’ve decided it’s time for a New Year Resolution…(in the land where New Year is on 1st October ūüôā )

Every year, I acquire lots of books; I buy real new books, digital books, second hand books from charity shops and auctions, I am given books as presents and I even sometimes steal books from friends, family, holiday accommodation, hotels etc. My Amazon wish list is now 200 books long!

To expand my level of understanding of the world¬†and its inhabitants, it’s well past time I made a more concerted effort to read some of these books, so that’s what I’ve started to do; I’m going to read a book a week for the next year.

For a while now I’ve been fascinated by Dr Jacob Needleman’s work and have pressed on and finished reading two of his books just this week. These are called Time and the Soul (there is an interview with Dr Needleman related to this book below) and Money and the Meaning of Life

I’ll add each of the books I’m reading or have read to my reading list page and each week I will write a short post condensing what I’ve learned from the book in a few short sentences.

This week I’m on to Nassim Taleb’s wonderful Antifragile. It’s BIG (dare I say bloated?) and is full of mind bending ideas that make you question everything you already think you know about world events. I can’t put it down and I’ve rarely experienced such a compelling writing style¬†that just makes you want to keep on going even when you know the road is long…excellent so far so watch out for my post on what I’ve learned next week.


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