• powerless


    That feeling of Powerlessness only applies if you try to play the same game as the powerful. That’s the intention of Power. If we all felt we had it, then it wouldn’t…

  • duality

    Mara, The Evil One

    Enlightenment, or simply clear vision and freedom from, or at least deep knowledge and understanding of the force of the duality in everyone of us can bring about a mind state…

  • hidden in plain sight

    Hidden in plain sight

    Sometimes the answers to finding freedom and the arguments for change are hidden in plain sight. The 30K job and it’s real cost to you When we say we have a 30K, 50K or 150K…

  • beaten acceptance


    At the life stage called Adolescence¬†(defined as a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal…

  • GPS

    global positioning system

    The linear/spectrum model doesn’t explain autism and the fact that there are probably as many types/grades of it as there are sufferers (we’re not suffering by the…

  • 168

    168 revisited

    168 (hours in a week) X 52 (weeks in a year) = 8736 hours 365 (1 hour a day for a year) = 4% of 8736. 4% of your time is all you need to create a life of freedom, one action at a…



    A key theme running through this blog over the years has been the need for peasants and freedom seekers like us to create and utilise Assets.…



    In the past I have had mild success with turning journaling into flow state like spells of really creative writing and indeed have developed a great many ideas that were otherwise just idle thoughts, when in that mode in the past, but had never made the connection with this process and the (relatively unimportant in the global scheme) reasonable success I have had.